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Acidic Water Faucet

The stylish, chrome-plated, Alkaline Water Faucet Tap makes connecting your alkaline water ionizer to your tap water line even easier!

Faucet Diverter for Countertop Alkaline Water Ionizers

Countertop Faucet Diverter for Alkaline Water Ionizers i used to supply water from your standard type faucet to an alkaline

Ozone Detergentless Eco Laundry Machine

  • MONEY-SAVING low operating cost; longer lasting clothes; detergent savings; operates on cold water
  • ECO-FRIENDLY eliminates hot water; 75 % less detergents; bleach and chemicals
  • BACTERIA & MOLD 99.99% ELIMINATED activated oxygen is the most effective strongest and safest natural oxidant
  • NO IRRITATION OR ODORS no exposure to toxins and bacteria less irritation to immune system and sensitive skin

Reverse Osmosis Faucet

$79.00 $69.00
Stainless steel finish Swivels 360 Degrees No Air Gap Easy Installation, Supply Line is included 1 Year Warranty

Three Way Flow Kitchen Faucet WL-301

Featuring a sleek, durable, modern design with a tall, round, and far-reaching faucet, our new luxurious Deluxe Waterlux Three-Way Kitchen

Three Way Kitchen Faucet WL-302

Beautiful Round Elegant Model 3-Way Hot and Cold Faucet for reverse osmosis or water filtration systems. Featuring a bold, modern design with a

Three Way Kitchen Faucet WL-304

Our Elegant Model 3-Way Hot and Cold Chrome Faucet for reverse osmosis water filtration systems removes dangerous toxins and harmful pollutants from

Water Ionizer Waterlux W9 Alkaline Water with Hydrogen

Dual Filtration Built-In UV Lamp Low Acidic pH High Alkaline pH Low ORP Acts as a powerful antioxidant, improves cellular hydration, bone health, and stomach function, and even helps with weight loss.

Waterlux Whole House City Water System