Replacement Filters

Crystal ECO Replacement Filters Set

Easy to replace, click and turn Replace every 12 months Replaced as a set

Crystal Replacement Filters Set

Easy to replace, click and turn Replace every 12 months Replaced as a set

Replacement Filters RO101 Morion

Full set of replacement filters for RO101 Morion Membrane 50GPD Mineralization Cartridge Easy to replace, click and turn Replace every 12 months of use  

Why We Love Having a Drinking Water System

Better food

Same as with whole house water filtration systems, coffee, tea, and anything cooked or made with water tastes a little better. Boiling is much faster and tea takes half the time to steep. If you are wondering what separates your home coffee maker and the café on the corner, it may just be filtered water.

Simple Swapping

There is nothing worse than having to find a screwdriver and climb under your sink to change a filter. It’s even worse when it has to happen once a month. For our systems you twist out the old filter and twist in the new one- usually once a year. Anybody can do it and it takes seconds

Fridge Filtration is in the Past

Let’s face it we all wish that fridge filters would just do their job. Unfortunately the list of harmful contaminants gets longer every year, and fridge filters just aren’t up to it. Either contaminants are too small or the filter won’t change properly, the list is endless. A drinking water system gives you the convenience of your fridge filter, with the peace of mind that it’s actually cleaning out the bad stuff

No more plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are horrible for the earth- and they’re expensive. Regular tap water comes with a taste and added chemicals. With a water system we get bottled water quality water out of our tap. Simply fill up a bottle and you’re good to go!

Things to Consider

Water Volume

When purchasing a water system, it’s very important to understand the amount of water that you and your home needs for it to operate properly. A filter or tank that is too small will either not effectively filter the water, or bottleneck your water pressure.

System Complexity

All of our systems will filter and clean the water, however every family has their own standards and demands that we can accomodate. Skin, immune, and other health conditions require customized approaches, but will lead to incredible results.

Personal Involvement

Our water filtration systems are mostly self sufficient and self cleaning. They differ slightly by the frequency of filter changes and media replacement. Higher quality filtration systems and filters require far less maintenance and can purify the water for 25 years or more

Money Talks

We have full financing options available to make clean and healthy water accessible for everyone. The best way to find out more is to request a quote, or give us a call